Dastak So Far


Miss India

Inspired by an English play, MISS INDIA is a commentary on how parents try to live their unfulfilled dreams through their children. This play is just another day in the lives of this mother and daughter, but with some unusual events.

Joru Ke Ghulaam

The female of the species is deadlier than the male....is she really? Or are the males just waiting for the right opportunity? And what happens when a few good men get together with all their collective power and want to put their women in place.


Meet Mr. Cyrus Bandookwala. He has a problem. The worst kind of problem. The marital kind of problem. Meet Neha Varma. She’s a lawyer. A very good lawyer. And she has the solution to his problem. A permanent solution. Is it enough?

Online Shopping

What happens when your mother is calling you when you are
in a sort of private situation? You desperately want to hang up, but she wants to find out about online shopping. You are in a do or die situation and could get lucky with the girl next to you.


Lihaaf was the most controversial and talked about short story of its time, written by IsmatChughtai in 1942. It became her most known work and was anthologized. The story is told through the eyes of a young girl who is the niece of the protagonist, Begum.


If you truly believe in something, wouldn't you vouch for it, even if you are contested against it? If someone asks you for an affirmation for something you had been believing all your life, would you hesitate to give one?

Rogi Ka Mitr

A play written in the 1920s by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore as part of his book “Hasya-kautuk” or “Riddle plays”, RogiKaMitrrevolves around two passengers in an empty train compartment. Writer: Rabindranath Tagore, Director: Nikhilesh Gupta

The Red Scarf

Its explores one of the most delicate aspects of trust. Sometimes the sequence of events plays such an important part in forming an opinion that we seldom question it. How human nature makes you believe certain things even though they might be half true.

Ankh ka Tara

Based on a real life story, AankhKa Tara, is a heart-wrenching tale of a good obedient son Abdul who is the apple of his parents’ eyes. A tender saga of trust and filial piety, a cruel twist of fate and an enduring gift of love from a child to his parent.

Toba Tek Singh

Based on a famous story by Saadat Hasan Manto, “Toba Tek Singh”is set in 1950 in a mental asylum in Lahore, inmates are to be exchanged across the partition. While inmates show resistance or joke about what Pakistan or Hindustan means to them.


Our latest addition to Dastak - DASTAK NUKKAD - brings to life three stories from the classic Panchatantra via musical street theatre. Different stories will be narrated in folktale style, depicting different regions and art of India.

Guru Ka Bhraman

GURU KA BHRAMAN, like all of R. K. Narayan's stories, depicts the comedy and tragedy of everyday life; of how destiny plays an ironic role in our lives; of how one's actions may consciously or subconsciously change the lives of others;

The Blue Diamond

Where else would Dheeraj and Suchitra mark their 50th wedding anniversary, than at the restaurant of THE BLUE DIAMOND Hotel? After all, they dated there, their proposal was sealed there and it’s been the backdrop for every milestone since.

The Pizza Delivery Boy

Can one last meal before committing suicide change one's mind? Can it alter the course of somebody else's life? All of us look for comfort food when we are stressed but what happens when the delivery boy of that food brings more comfort than the food itself?

Ardh Satya

Every marriage has truths. And every marriage has lies. In the case of Ashutosh and Aditi, they can't seem to decide which is which. Until one event completely turns their worlds upside down. Will someone finally tell the truth?

Love At First Sight

They say love is blind but can a chance encounter be an eye opener? Can two people have a meeting of minds in an instant or do they have to run parallel like rail tracks, only glancing each other with an intent but never be able to do anything about it?

Hum Kaun Tum Kaun

In the age of advanced technology when everything out in the world can enter your homes with just one click on the computer, two middle aged lonely people decide to go out in the real world to look for love and companionship. Will they find it?


A strict, old fashioned patriarch, a rebellious son, a weak brother and
his calculating wife, a friend who 'piles on' - they all come together in JHAMELA, a light-hearted situational comedy characteristic of all the little idiosyncrasies of a traditional small town family.


Kerejwa, a little girl's quest to eat the one thing she loves most dearly before the end of the world. Come, discover what KEREJWA means to you whilst we try to perform a mouth- watering piece written by award-winning lyricist-writer, Varun Grover.


What happens when you get old? Would it be lonely or would you be surrounded by loved ones? Ronnie is at that juncture trying to find some answers. Somehow the answers elude him but a stranger comes to help. Question is, will this person really be able to help him?


When an entire community was forced to become refugees in their own country, one extraordinary woman stood her ground. A story of inner beauty and resilience in the wake of social turmoil, forced displacement, etc, ‘Kamli’ will take you on a journey...


This story set in Singapore, it deals with a psychiatrist treating a patient who suffers from delusion. The drama is enacted in a sea facing apartment in Marine Parade. It emphasises on mental health being as important as physical.


A devised movement theatre which deals with the issue of body image and how popular culture forced women to conform to certain stereotypes. Performed as a movement piece .

Collateral Damage

A suspense story that has at its core the theme of women's empowerment. A couple are kidnapped and the Kidnapper threatens to kill the male who is thought to be an army officer who he believes killed his family in an encounter...

Ek din Bank Mein

It is a dramatization of a classic story by Anton Chekov The play is a comedy of errors and is set in bank, where the protagonist is troubling the bank manager with irrelevant questions and how the bank manager tries get away without being too rude to the customer.

Face on the wall

A group of young bankers meet in a restaurant in downtown Singapore and unravel a story of mystery and suspense. The story revolves around a woman whose face resembles a crack in the wall and how the protagonist goes in search for this woman.

Guru Gud Chela Cheeni

Guru Gud Chela Cheeni- is a laugh a minute farce based on popular Bollywood film characters.


A lonely widower in his silver years yearns for the company of his son who has no time for him. Set in an HDB apartment in Singapore, this story of parental neglect will touch hearts.


Nirjhari is the story of a smart, highly intelligent woman who finally stands up for herself and seeks a new life away from humiliation because of her physical handicap.


It highlights out fated rituals and customs and how a trickster fools a group of women in a train journey.

Shri Shri 420

is written and Directed by local Singaporean Rahul Phondke. This is a comic depiction of a Mafia Don who hires a consultant to help him market his business better. How technology and being technically literate is relevant to all sorts of professionals and businesses.